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Rink To Ring

Want to improve your game at the rink?

Try stepping into the ring.

Good boxers need to have endurance, strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, great hand-eye coordination and need the discipline to control their emotions.  d, quick hands and endurance; after a minute of sparring players were exhausted and had a whole new appreciation for conditioning after a unique experience.

Our summer cross-training is perfect for hockey players that want to develop speed, endurance and mental toughness that is necessary for peak performance in the ring and on the ice.

Plain and simple, some players love to give hits in a game, but they can lose control of their emotions when they hit or get hit. Boxing helps players learn to control their emotions.

The physicality and conditioning of boxing training can add variety and intensity to on-ice and dryland workouts. Boxing like hockey requires periods of intense physical endurance followed by a short recovery period. Hockey players recovering from high-intensity bursts that occur within a game benefit from the same endurance training that is fundamental in boxing. An athlete who actively participates in boxing training will recover faster and more efficiently between shifts than those who don’t.